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0800 400 ECO

Eco Insulation Systems Limited
PO Box 77-059
Mt Albert
New Zealand

About ecofleeceŽ

ecofleece® is recycled New Zealand sheep's wool - blended with polyester fibres to create insulation blankets which can be installed into WALLS, CEILINGS, UNDER-FLOORS, MID-FLOORS and internal walls

ecofleece® is BRANZ Appraised and complies with the insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1. 


Supplied as a blanket ready to roll out over ceiling joists, fitted under or between floor joists, or cut to length when fitting into wall framing cavities. 


Identifying it

Recyled ecofleece® insulation is grey. Individual ecofleece® packs are labelled to identify the specific R-value, coverage per pack in m2, material width, unit number,  length of material, nominal thickness, minimum weight and date of manufacture.


How much do I need?
Coverage per pack of ecofleece® insulation depends on the product and its thickness. Typical roll lengths and coverage per pack are summarised on the BUY NOW page.
When ordering, consider the amount of framing, and allow for wastage.

Where can it be used?

ecofleece® can be installed into;
  • UNDER-FLOORS (with suitable lining), 
  • MID-FLOORS and
  • INTERNAL WALLS for acoustic purposes
This insulation should not be installed if the timber framing is wet or damp. ecofleece® insulation must be isolated from the moisture by a vapour barrier when installed in external walls, or in areas of high humidity, such as swimming pool halls or saunas.


ecofleece® and its packaging is recyclable. Recycled ecofleece® reuses sheep's wool as an integral part of product manufacture.

Finding out more about it
To obtain further information on ecofleece® insulation call toll free 0800 400 326